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Bart Harper

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Below are my four current published works.  All are available for sale here and on Amazon.Com

Adventures of a Fat Kid
A collection of hilarious short stories about growing up in rural West Virginia in the early 1980’s.  Every ridiculous story is based on true events.  From horrific blunders to near death experiences, the fat kid lived through it all!  So, get on board and take a nostalgic ride back in time with Bart and his family as they try to survive stupidity.  This feel good book is sure to bring back memories of a simpler time.  So, grab a drink, recline, and buckle up.
$10 plus $3 Shipping 

The Gentleman in Room 205
As a young man sits and watches his father lying in a hospital bed, he thinks back to his younger days when times were simple. His father was his hero, but now a stroke has taken everything, except his heart and his will to live.
$10 plus $3 Shipping 

Pet Peeves - Order Now
Now Available!

From the author of Adventures of a Fat Kid, comes a new comedic book Pet Peeves.  Written completely on Facebook, Bart Harper's Pet Peeves is a collection of humorous mini-stories.  From dirty diapers to slow drivers, Pet Peeves touches upon all of those things that are irritating to most people.  Once again, Bart has teamed up with Illustrator Mike Randolph to bring you the best in immature humor.
$10 plus $3 Shipping

The Christmas Candles - Order Now
Now Available!

When two young boys are visited by their guardian angel on Christmas Eve, they are given three wishes. By helping others and sacrificing their own needs, the boys receive a gift more valuable than any wish. The Christmas Candles is a book about love, selflessness, and the Christmas spirit. This charming story is sure to become a holiday classic.
$6.95 plus $2.95 Shipping

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