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Bart Harper

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Pet Peeves - Order Now

From the author of Adventures of a Fat Kid, comes a new comedic book Pet Peeves.  Written completely on Facebook, Bart Harper's Pet Peeves is a collection of humorous mini-stories.  From dirty diapers to slow drivers, Pet Peeves touches upon all of those things that are irritating to most people.  Once again, Bart has teamed up with Illustrator Mike Randolph to bring you the best in immature humor. 

Razor Burn!  Okay, so I suffered through my Acne stage from ages 15 thru 25 and when it was over, I was a happy man!  But from time to time, I am reminded of the dreaded pizza face syndrome by my trusty razor.  Not sure what causes it but the little read bumps dominate and I am once again humiliated!  So I resort to the unthinkable, my wife's Covergirl.  Sometimes people notice and I say “Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful!”

People at Yard Sales!  "Hmm those candle holders are too much.  I’ll give you $1.75," the lady claims.  This coming from a woman who is driving a Mercedes and carrying a Coach purse!   The original price was only $2.00, so the lady has now shamed herself in my eyes!  (Guess that is how she affords the car)  She did make Bob Barker proud by so bluntly stating "Thats too much!"



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